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FIS stands for Finally I See. Its original name, Beautiful Faces was founded on the 17th February 2012 but didn't become active until 21st of February 2012 when we joined Facebook following with a Twitter page. It started off as an idea birthed in one individual by the name of Faith Dore, who believed God had a message for women.

However, as time went by in the year 2017, things began to change drastically, BFM had grown over the years; emotionally, spiritually and as a group, but then Faith felt lead to expanding the vision towards Men; as she believed its time to FINALLY see the good things that are present in and around our lives, especially those to come, that both male and female, boys and girls needed to be reached, helped and encouraged to not only know of their true beauty and identity through Christ within or around the societies they live in but to also know that moving forward is possible and available for everyone to do so. This is where FIS was birthed.


At FIS we want to see both women and men empowered walking with their heads lifted high, knowing their worth with imperfections, flaws and more, to finally see that they are good enough and can begin again to rise above any challenge they may have already faced or are currently facing and know that they matter. 


Faith believed, if every woman and man could come to grips with this truth of who they truly are,  then they will gain all their self-respect and value themselves as precious beautiful individuals whilst embracing their confidence, integrity and self-worth on the everyday journey of life.  

As a team we are here to support individuals as much as we can on this journey we call life, by choosing to silence all negativity whilst embracing and sustaining positive change in and around us, be it with our lives, singleness, marriage, relationships, businesses, homes, careers and much more.


Being firmly grounded and knowing yourself in Christ is a must for the FIS team. As Faith and her team also embark on their own journeys into the pure, true, beautiful life with Christ Jesus; they hope that you will join them too. 

We also work alongside other organisations such as MercyUK and Breast Cancer Care, to help support them in their journey of helping other individuals around the world.

Our Mission & Moto

1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - See where you are at, unto where you are going.

2. KEEP IT MOVING - Decide/choose to keep on going.

3. DARE TO BE BRAVE - Choose to not give up or settle for less.  defeating fear and step out in FAITH.

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