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Have a read about what some of our guests had to say about our sessions, socials and more.


Guest since August 2012

"I absolutely love this Miss Dore and I have been very inspired by you. Thank you so much, you don't actually know what this means to me right now. A massive well done once again. I can see this unfolding beautifully."


Guest since August 2012

"I am truly amazed and inspired by your vision and how diligent you have been to pursue the holiness of Christ that has brought BF to life. It is a great honour to be involved in this ministry. Be encouraged to press on. God uses those who He can trust."

Mary S:

Guest since August 2013

"Thank you for welcoming me into your ministry, the session I went to was great, I learnt alot and met new people. 


I can tell this is going to be amazing to be a part of..."


Guest since July 2012

​"I love your BF Sessions."


Guest since July 2012

​"Thanks for all that you do with BFM."


Guest since July 2012

"I love hanging out with the girlies, thanks for the lovely sessions."

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