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Know You Better

Beauty has NO limits. It doesn’t matter what you look like be it tall, short, skinny or big. You are still beautiful and handsome. But in saying that, you need to remember that true beauty lives on the inside of you and will naturally reflect on the outside if you allow it too.


Society has its own definition of beauty, but so does God.

God never looks at you and says you're no good, better yet, He looks at you and says you ARE good and worth every moment of His time.

Makeup, accessories and clothes do not make you beautiful nor handsome, neither should they, for you are beautiful and Handsome ALREADY without them.

Please don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing or using these things, it's just a reminder or a wake-up call to not follow the lie because all these things should ENHANCE your beauty not make you beautiful.

Your confidence needs not to be based on what you are told about yourself or what you apply or wear, but rather it should be based on you knowing yourself and being comfortable with whom you are, flaws, imperfection and all.


It's about time you begin to see yourself as precious individuals who are worth more than cheap nights, care/loveless relationships or even bad behaviours or attitudes.

Why not wake up to each morning with a new look on your face, no more frowns of disappointments or rejections, but to daily have smiles on your face knowing that no matter what you may hear, be told or go through. You are beautiful and handsome because GOD thinks so and you know so too.

Written By Faith Dore

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