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Some Adjustments

Just to let you all know.

Beautiful Faces has a few #adjustments that we are making.

Beautiful Faces originally started off being catered towards women only, but as the years have been going on and as God continue to speaks, we believe that BFM should be for all, meaning both men and women.

We have always said we never were a feminist movement, as we always embraced and love all that men are positively about as they also inspire us too.

All our sessions will continue to be held as they have been before, but we also hope that men will also feel welcome to join our pages as they already have been; because as we know and are aware, that it is not only we women that go through certain issues and problems that we at times face with identity, worth, confidence but men do too, so we say welcome men!

For the ladies that has joined us thus far, we can only hope you stay connected and share our change and continue to show your support.

Thanks for understanding,

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